or fucks?

How many?
Only 333 unique anime NFT pieces
What price? Wher mint?
0.96 Solana
Mint link will be shared on discord, twitter and instagram.
Join discord for most relevant info ♥
Presale? Whitelist?

Full, sold out

Benefits of holding?
1. Awesome naughty NFT made by girls
2. Bright future
3. Awesome community
4. Passive income
5. Part of big plans we are working on

Or just check roadmap and you will get it ♥

How many can I mint?

How many you want.
But remember:
More girls more fun…
Thats why we are open to this, because we enjoy these things ♥

What are creators royalty/fee?

Royalties are 9.69% most of it will be in community wallet for other activities

We did a research on this and mostly it is around 15%
Sometimes 10%